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Rivas Studios is owned and ran by accomplished reggae producer and engineer Roger Rivas. He is known for achieving a signature “vintage” sound. The retro sound of Rivas Studios can be found on all of his releases. The recording, engineering, and mixing process all goes through Roger. The studio houses many of Roger’s own vintage keyboards, organs, and pianos. Both analog and digital setups are located on property.

Before 2017 Roger has just keep his studio doors closed to strictly his own releases. Recently Rivas took on the task of recording The Delirians newest EP “Mezcla De Musica Y Amor”.

Currently Roger is booking artists that share the same taste and vision on the outcome of their records. Rivas states “I’m not into recording bands as a profession. It’s like a serious hobby. I love being able to work with bands that are like minded in the recording process. I kinda cherry pick who I have come in the studio. We gotta be on the same page as it pertains to the outcome. The final sound. I like sitting with artists and having them share with me some of their favorite Rocksteady or Soul songs. Let’s listen, admire and tear apart the qualities we like about them. “


Inquiries on recording at Rivas Studios can be sent in our “Contact” page

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